Customized Training and Assistance After Sales

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Installation and Setting Up
Greda technical staff boasts of highly experienced technicians and engineers for the installations and the setting up of the NC-machining centers all over the world.

Customized training
Upon request, Greda offers customized and dedicated training courses for a fast machine start up and programming. The training is divided into a theory and practice part, consisting in the creation of a work piece program to be processed on the machine after.

Greda NC-machining centers are engineered in a way to allow the application of new functions by the time, so that the customer is able to adapt the production requirements with the machine performances.

Programming Advice
Greda technical staff is prompt to support operators in the setting up of workpiece programs particularly complex in order to optimize the productivity in terms of cycle times.

Remote Assistance
GREDA technical staff is organized in order to ensure an efficient after sale service through an advanced remote assistance, in order to verify error messages, diagnose failures in the hardware or software system and solve it on-line – if possible – , thus reducing costs.

Spare Parts
GREDA guarantees the delivery of spare parts and components within 36-48 hours.

Preventive Maintenance
Upon request, Greda offers customized regular maintenance programs in order to maintain over the time lasting superior performances, efficiency and reliability of the machines.

Advice and practical support to recondition in the best way machines which have not been used for some time. GREDA guarantees original spare parts and specialized labour to get machines back in full efficiency.